Chantal Aytes aka C.A.D.M.A.

Chantal Aytes is a Appletini native where she began her theatrical training at a performing arts middle school; and fell in love with acting. From appearing on D.O.A. and Amy Schumer for pole dancing, and the opportunity to work with Timothy Naylor for a Kungfu video Ma Eagle Claw  She is constantly expanding her modeling with photographers like Peter Koloff and more.

Her brand of quirky flourished through co-hosting from CouchTV Network recently created her own online network The Bitten Apple Televisionpublished poetry books and a short story titled American Geisha, an extensive background in dancing and traded her ballet shoes for 6 inch pole dancing ones as well as working with Creater and Owner of AHR Visions provided the opportunity to represent a character as AHR Visions Kali Xia from the coming book 2016 Dynamic; which is a tribute to the Five Deadly Venoms. 

Her passion for martial arts stems from watching her father as a child and originally studied Shotokan Karate in high school but her heart belongs to Kungfu. Recently she began studying Eagle Claw Kungfu with Shifu 师父 Dario to prepare her for an upcoming role. She practices martial arts not just for the fighting aspect but for the lifestyle and belief system behind it. 

Currently, represented proudly with Big Fish NW 

She is a gamer (not a girl gamer, a real one…like losing oneself into the world of Oblivion for months and forgetting that in Real Life (RL) she cannot throw a fire ball =(  She has studied Spanish, Mandarin Chinese a few years ago but has been recently mastering Japanese because she can.